About me: Born and raised in the “big city ” of Rayne, Louisiana. Happily married with three beautiful children.  I’m a woman who loves GOD immensely! I love GOD’s people. I enjoy spreading the good news of what GOD has done for me, and what he can do

Born and raised in the “big city” of rayne Louisiana. happily married with three beautiful children. I’m a woman who loves God immensely! I love God’s people. I enjoy spreading the good news of what God has done for me, and what he can do for you.

On October 14, 2018, I received the worst news any parent could ever imagine. My firstborn son, Brandon Jeremiah, had been a victim of gun violence, which led to his demise. So many emotions were going through my head, but the most vivid was numbness. This devastating Incident would change my family’s life forever. As minutes went by, I pleaded with God to change the circumstances. Little did I know that God would use this significant obstacle to bring me closer to him. My mission is to let parents know that although it may feel like the end of the world, it isn’t. God is waiting to see you through it, but first, you need just a pinch of Faith, and he will do the rest. I started a t-shirt brand that constantly reminds us that we will face some unforeseen situations, but having Faith in God will give you the strength to concur the days ahead .


Grief is inevitable! My grief stems from gun violence. However, yours may be due to an illness, suicide, etc. Whatever the cause, there is hope! Unseen Walking by Faith is a brand created to give hope to parents who are heavily burdened with grief after suffering a great loss, through exposing the truth that our FAITH should always outweigh any trial or UNSEEN tribulation we might encounter. PSA: Even if you have not been in this situation but you support the community of grieving parents we welcome you!

“ Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” Hebrews 11:1 NIV

TESTIMONY: One of the hardest things I’ve had to endure was seeing someone that I carried for nine months laying in a coffin. (Can you picture it?) still to this day I can’t fathom how I was able to get through that day. What I can tell you is God made a way! God wrapped his arms around me! God wiped my tears! God made the necessary arrangements! God comforted my family!! God carried me through the unforeseen trials and tribulations. God gave me a story that will one day help you. Do you have enough faith to trust that God is working even the worst of things for your good? Do you believe that God can restore you and make you whole again? Do you believe that there is joy after so much pain??? My God!!!

God gave me a story!

Unseen Walking by Faith Family!